Every cup of tea is distinct and flavorful.

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Utepia’s idealistic handcrafted artisanal tea standards:

Build upon the foundation of traditional tea artistry, we handpicked high quality tea leaves, roasted it to further intensify its aroma, brewed it at the perfect temperature, mix and match it with different flavors, hand shaken, offer choices of unique condiments and fruits, them finish it off with beautiful presentation. Each step strives to achieve the perfect artisanal drink that separates itself from the competitions.

Features of UTEPIA

Utepia uses 6 unique blend of teas as the base for its drinks. Each blend is handcrafted to produce its own unique flavor and aroma.

Osmanthus Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea scented with August Osmanthus flower. It has sweet flavor and a fruity, floral aroma with hints of apples and apricots. 

Four Season Tea

Subtle sweet scent of cape jasmine with hint of warm spice and soothing sweet taste. It also has deep aroma and a very light tea color. 

Fruit  Oolong Tea

The fresh aroma of the fruit takes center stage in this blend. It is further enriched by the soothing aroma of the Oolong Tea.

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea offers subtly sweet, soothing and highly fragrant aroma. When drinking jasmine tea, be sure to enjoy its soft aftertaste.

Oolong Tea

It has a strong nutty aroma with smooth and sweet aftertaste. The tea also has a very pleasant green tint when brewed perfectly.

Dark Oolong Tea

Clean, smooth, honey texture with a rich aroma of roasted peanut shells and flavor notes of nectarine and molasses.



Seasonal Products

Hot Option Available

Four Season Tea

Dark Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

Jasmine Tea

Osmanthus Oolong Tea

M: $3.50  L: $3.95

Traditional Taiwanese Tea Drink

Four Season with Milk Foam

Dark Oolong with Milk Foam

Oolong Tea with Milk Foam

Jasmine Tea with Milk Foam

M: $4.50  L: $4.95

Tea with Milk Foam

Four Season Pineapple Smoothie w. Bubble

Jasmine Banana Smoothie w. Bubble

Jasmine Mango Smoothie w. Bubble

Jasmine Papaya Smoothie w. Bubble

Jasmine Strawberry Smoothie w. Bubble

L: $5.75

Fruit Smoothie w. Bubble

Four Season Tea with Milk Foam

Jasmine Tea with Milk Foam

* Ice Drip Tea, 4 Hours Procedure, Limited Serving

L: $4.95

Ice Brew Tea with Milk Foam

Bubble Milk Tea

Oreo Milk Tea

Red Bean Milk Tea

​Mochat Milk Tea

M: $4.50  L: $5.25

Traditional Classic Milk Tea

Mango Slush w. Oolong Tea Milk Foam

Watermelon Slush w. Jasmine Tea Milk Foam

Blueberry Slush w. Jasmine Tea Milk Foam

Avocado Slush w. Jasmine Tea Milk Foam

L: $5.75

Fruit Tea Slush with Milk Foam

Mango Jasmine Tea Slush w. Cream

Pineapple Jasmine Tea Slush w. Cream

Watermelon Jasmine Tea Slush w. Cream

L: $5.75

Fruit Tea Slush with Cream

Mango Passion Oolong Tea (Mango, Lemon, Lime)

Orange Passion Dark Oolong Tea (Orange,

Lemon, Lime)

Fruits Four Season Passion Tea (Watermelon,

Passion Fruit, Orange, Pear, Lemon, Green Mandarin)

Grape Fruit Four Season Passion Tea (Grapefruit, Lemon, Green Mandarin)

Watermelon Passion Tea (Watermelon, Passion Fruit, Lemon)

L: $5.75

Fruit Passion Tea

Ingredients: *Bubble +$0.5    *Red Bean +$0.5    *Jelly +$0.75


Utepia currently has over 1000 locations worldwide, and it is the utmost importance to uphold our core ideal and standards for each location.

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